Copyright theft is now hitting an estimated $40,000 every second. That’s about $1.25 trillion a year (CNN Report.) In a 2011 study commissioned by broadcasting giant NBC, it has been revealed that "An estimated 23.8% of all Internet traffic… infringes copyright.” probably couldn’t have picked a better time to launch its online, ‘one click’ copyrighting system. Users can register free of charge and establish, again free, the copyright of any work of their choosing, using the patent-pending, ipCOip™ Copyright over Internet Protocol. (CoIP™)

The work to be copyrighted, whether a song or music, in simple text as a book, or a photograph or design as an image file, is sent to the company’s secure server near Zurich, in Switzerland. The CoIP™ system assigns a unique verification code to the work and instantly sends an ipCOip™ ‘Certificate of Copyright’ back to the user by secure email. But why Switzerland?

Founder and CEO of ipCOip™, Scotsman Norm MacLeod says, “The ‘home’ if you like, of the law on copyright, is the city of Berne, where The Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works was first established. Nowadays, 164 countries have signed the agreement, so when you establish your copyright in just one, it’s automatically copyright in the other 163 nations. With copyright infringement at today’s levels, it makes sense to register and record worldwide copyright in the country where new changes to copyright law are enacted.”

Using any Internet-connected device, from a home PC to a smartphone, users can upload their copyright material to their own password-protected, ‘Copyright Suite’. From there, with a click on the aptly-named ‘CopyRight Now’ button, their work is registered in their ‘Copyright Vault’ in Switzerland and the exact second of copyright is recorded.

Not only is the copyright confirmed in writing to the user, the company provides a valuable ‘Third Party Witness’ statement in the event of infringement. “The user has access to a ‘Cease and Desist’ facility, so that people or companies infringing upon copyright can be formally informed of the infraction,” says MacLeod. “Sometimes people ‘lift’ a picture from an Internet page, not knowing they’re breaking the law, and could be fined thousands of dollars, pounds, euros or whatever. Our users can let them know, in no uncertain terms, that if they continue, they will end up in court.”

And if that happens? “We provide a legally-certified affidavit that shows the copyright was registered with us on the date claimed. We can also provide certified tracking of the event – a ‘virtual paper trail’ if you like, that is extremely strong evidence of copyright.”

In today’s security-conscious world, there is another, slightly more cloak-and-dagger reason for Switzerland as the nation of choice. And that was sparked by the passing into law of the controversial ‘USA Patriot Act’ following the 9/11 attacks. “In the copyright world, confidentiality is very important,” MacLeod continues. “Many countries have now passed laws that, while increasing their citizens’ safety, by their very nature have become intrusive on personal security. The USA Patriot Act, for example, provides American Government agencies like the FBI and CIA with broad powers to access American citizens’ bank accounts, Internet sites, email accounts and so on.

“Switzerland has the strongest data protection in the world, and is 100% neutral. The Swiss dance to nobody’s tune. Neither the USA Patriot Act nor any other country’s laws can force the Swiss to give up details - or more importantly, from a copyright point of view, allow recorded data to be altered. Switzerland is simply the logical choice for creators of copyright material.”

While registration and initial use of the™ is free, MacLeod refutes a wholly altruistic business philosophy. “Our philosophy is ‘No Hard Sell’ – try it free, if you don’t like it, you don’t pay. You still retain your worldwide copyright with our compliments. The accountants hate it! And of course, if you want to store encrypted data cheaply, then Switzerland is not the place. But even so, our services start at $29.95 so we can cater for the private individual, wanting to protect just a family photo or a song. There are professional, corporate and governmental levels too. But in every case, users can try the system out free. Simple as that.”

ipCOip’s™ Copyright Suite ‘packages’ range in price from $29.95 to $500+. All pricing is in US dollars for convenience. For more details and free use, see


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